TradeCenter FM is a MarketFx and CFD brokerage with more than 150 tools. It is included on the list of brokers that are considered relatively safe. Since 2019, the broker penetrated the MarketFX market. It was registered in Estonia, and the lowest deposit required is $25.

The registered users can trade things via MetaTrader 4. TradeCenter can boast excellent financial instruments, compatible trading terms, and good client support. Using this broker, it is possible to trade the following assets:

  • Indices
  • Stocks
  • Currency pairs
  • Commodities
  • A cryptocurrency (e.g., Bitcoin and Ethereum)

For many of their users, one of the main factors that pushed them to choose TradeCenter is the generous welcoming bonus. At the same time, it may sound controversial. Every bonus relates to the lowest trade volume requirement, and that can be the way to quit any withdraw requests.

Which Software Does It Use for Trading?

Tradecenter has MetaTrader 4 as one of the available options. Users can find trading robots that they can easily customize. 80% of MarketFX traders pick Tradecenter as their preferred brokerage. Another great feature is roughly one hundred market indicators.
The problem that may pop up is the one with a demo version. Some users complain that they are not able to sign up for the trial. Offering a free account for the limited time is the best credibility-builder, and Tradecenter ignored it for some reason. At the same time, a user can get the paid version that costs an arm and a leg: 0.1 pip with a $30 commission per lot. That is not the most favorable condition for traders.

The leverage is 1:500, and that is generous yet risky. You may barely meet this kind of leverage. On this platform, experts recommend using leverage with caution – it increases the chances of losing your money with the slightest fluctuation of the market.

How Secure TradeCenter Really Is?

In the host country, MarketFX trading is included within the regulatory framework. After all, Estonia is a part of the European Union. On the whole, this country has an image of a liberal state in terms of cryptocurrency, trading, and mining.

Promfix OU, which owns TradeCenter, is a trusted and time-tested regulatory agency. It makes this brokerage one of the leaders in the MarketFX world. Multiple regulations make registered users avoid fraud. One of the rules is the segregation of user accounts.

A Few Words about Financial Transactions

TradeCenter does not offer plenty of payment methods, but the basic options include MasterCard, VISA, and Bitcoin. That is according to their homepage. However, for some reason, only bank wire is available for the last year and now.

What is so disappointing about this only available option? In case of other listed methods, it is not possible to file for a money-back with the credit card company if you are scammed. As for MasterCard, VISA, and Skrill, they provide such an opportunity. The last one invented a new anti-scamming policy. It allows them to avoid any partnerships with non-licensed brokers. It makes us conclude that TradeCenter does not have a license yet.

After analyzing the basic features and guarantees, we can name the following pros of TradeCenter:

  • Excellent customer support
  • Top MarketFX trading instruments
  • Top CFD trading tools
  • Nice choice of currency pairs
  • Belongs to the Estonian company
  • Some commission-free trading account types

As for the cons, TradeCenter is not yet licensed. Also, one should trade high volumes regularly to benefit from welcoming bonuses and commission-free trading. The system requires no less than ten lots monthly. Thus, it makes sense to choose TradeCenter for dealing with high volumes.