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Solid Dividend Stock to Boost Any Portfolio: Procter & Gamble


Which stocks would be the most lucrative choice in case you’re planning to create your retirement portfolio? This question may be easily answered in case you can measure and define your risk appetite and your retirement plans.

In case you follow advice of the majority of your peer retirees whose major purpose is to take care of their capital and receive stable returns to allow an enjoyable lifestyle when you reach your golden years. Generally, we advise to preserve low-risk stocks in your portfolio that provide steady dividends that keep growing overtime.

Following this protective criteria, you will mostly focus on blue-chip companies with good-looking balance sheets, powerful and stable cash flows and a history of paying dividends. Let’s take a look at some of such stocks that fall under this criteria, and what makes them a great long-term investment opportunity for most retirees.

Procter & Gamble

Consumer staple giant Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG) is a low-risk stock would perfectly fit a long-term retirement portfolio. P&G has an impressive history of constantly rewarding its investors with consistently increasing payouts and substantial gains.

The Ohio-headquartered company has boosted its dividend for 64 years in a sequence. Yielding 2.47% per annum, P&G provides a quarterly dividend of $0.79 a share after adding an additional 6% in 2020. P&G’s shares have more than doubled during the past ten years, this boost includes dividends, providing its clients with an attractive total return.

P&G’s price-to-earnings multiple is at the highest level in the past five years. More so, the company’s growth momentum presupposes that shares of such household mainstays as Bounty paper towels, Gillette razors and Tide laundry detergent create safer investment opportunities for long-term investors.

In January, P&G increased its sales and profit forecast, saying that its organic revenue will boost as much as 6% in fiscal 2021, a growth from the previous prediction of around 5%. P&G also states its core earnings per share would rise about 10%. The company’s shares ended trading yesterday at $128.56.


Diversifying your portfolio with stable dividend stocks would most surely create for you a solid income to lean on during the golden years of retirement. It’s important to continuously monitor the market, looking for dividend stocks, thus slowly enriching your income portfolio, especially when stock prices are low and yields are high. By going with this strategy, you will earn growing payouts even when the economy is unstable and shaky.



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