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SquaredFinancial Continues Expansion of Product List


The fintech driven brokerage and global investment firm, SquaredFinancial, has declared that it would presently be offering soft commodities as a feature of its full scope of tradable assets.

Soft-commodities introduced for all traders

Wheat, Soybeans, and Corn are currently available on the SquaredFinancial platform. These are driving soft commodities which offer fluid and dynamic tradable resources and give uncorrelated investment opportunities.

Husam Al Kurdi, Chief Executive Officer at SquaredFinancial, commented: “When we re-launched SquaredFinancial, I promised our clients we would continue to develop the products and give them an expanded range of high-quality investment opportunities. We are keeping this promise with the launch of soft commodities trading in conjunction with our other instruments. For all new products, our development team looks in detail at the trading and the risk profiles so that we always give investors a reliable and transparent asset. Used in conjunction with FX, energy or precious metals it allows risk to be managed and, hopefully, returns maximized.”

Unlike any other commodities, soft commodities typically have a more wider production base, not dominated by a couple of countries who hope to control supplies. This implies there is regularly more noteworthy consistency in pricing, with markets affected by weather and geopolitical events instead of economic financial performance.

“Over the last six months, we have seen a steady increase in the number of people using our services to manage their investments. By trading a range of assets, they can spread market exposure and use their knowledge of different asset classes to achieve their investment goals. We offer the training and support to help our clients take financial decisions and take advantage of the ongoing global volatility,” added Al Kurdi.

SquaredFinancial has workplaces in London, Cyprus, Seychelles, Hong Kong, and Geneva, permitting it to give global solutions for a quickly changing investment market. With a focus on new generation traders and investors who need a simple access, advanced, global gateway, providing adaptable trading of a full scope of financial assets and items.


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