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‘Pro Trader’ New Updates Presents by FBS CopyTrade Team


All the more PRO traders will show up in the FBS CopyTrade App. The FBS CopyTrade team has presented a new update in the ‘PRO Trader’ feature. 

The FBS CopyTrade team is continually working hard to make investing for the users of the application more convenient and easier. The platform is being named one of the most user-friendly and convenient social trading applications from year to year. 

This time the FBS CopyTrade team built up a major update in the ‘PRO Trader’ feature’s work process to keep living up the name. Presently all the traders who share their accounts to the FBS CopyTrade App and have $5000 or more on it can turn out to be PRO. 

PROs are the most trustworthy and experienced traders to copy in the FBS CopyTrade App. They can also set a commission they see fit and get more benefits after the end of their successful orders.

The FBS CopyTrade team settled on a nice choice to give a PRO status to all the traders who have $5000 on their trading account on the grounds that the traders who work with such an amount of assets definitely recognize what they do on the Forex market.

The FBS CopyTrade App is a dynamically developing platform for social trading. It is typically named the most user-friendly and easy-to-use copy trading application.

The application was launched in 2018. It is utilized by more than 5 million investors. FBS CopyTrade permits individuals who are less knowledgeable about trading to build their capitals by copying the selected skilled traders. The traders get an income from every copier’s deposit after a successful transaction. The support team of the application operates 24/7 with more than 15 languages.


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