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New ‘PRO Trader’ Feature Launched by FBS Copytrade


The FBS CopyTrade made a new feature called ‘PRO Trader’. It will help all the users on the application to decrease the risks of investment. 

Every year, the FBS CopyTrade App is being named the most easy-to-use social trading platform by the different issuers. The FBS CopyTrade team consistently strives to make investing for the users of the application easier and more convenient.  The new ‘PRO Trader’ feature is created to improve the application’s user-friendly status and diminish the investor’s risks.

Since now, every FBS CopyTrade user can see a green ‘PRO’ sign close to some traders’  photos and be certain that these traders are one of the most reliable, skilled, and professional Forex market performers. The FBS CopyTrade team wisely selects the traders to make them ‘PRO’. The team checks each long period of time trader’s data to give a  ‘PRO’ status deservedly.

The advantage to copy PRO traders is given to the investors who deposited $500 or more in total since the history of investing with the FBS CopyTrade App. 

The FBS CopyTrade App is a dynamically developing platform for social trading. It is typically named the most user-friendly and easy-to-use copy trading application.

The application was launched in 2018. It is utilized by more than 5 million investors. FBS CopyTrade permits individuals who are less knowledgeable about trading to expand their capitals by copying the selected skilled traders. The traders get an income from every copier’s deposit after a successful transaction.  The support team of the application works all day and every day of the week with more than 15 languages.

FBS is a universal broker with more than 190 countries of presence with expertise of about 11 years, providing free seminars, special events, educational materials, and daily analytics.

FBS is an official trading partner of FC Barcelona since January 2020.


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